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Wacademy is an invitation-only project which helps small business owners to set up professional websites on a tight budget.

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Result-oriented web design

Custom web design that fits your needs. You tell us what you want, we build it. 


Quality guaranteed

Only rising star designers are accepted in our academy. Plus, your project will be supervised by senior developers.


Consultations included

A dedicated support agent will answer all the questions and help you to decide on features and site structure.

Here’s how it works

We can’t help everyone so that’s why Wacademy is an invitation-only project.

You can start by applying for a free website development here.

If you are selected, we will contact you and ask to take care of the resources: a domain name and a reliable web hosting service.

You tell us what you want, we build it.

That’s it.

You own the website 100%

What’s included

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