We charge £0/hour but it remains your responsibility to cover the running costs of your website

1. Web hosting

It’s a service needed for your website to be seen on the internet. We use the next-generation web hosting provider “Getspace”

2. SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is installed on every website we launch. It is mandatory in order to meet the GDPR regulations.

3. Performance & Security

Up to 21x faster server, unlimited mailboxes as well as 24/7 protection against hacker attacks.

Limited places available on the program so complete your regsitration while we still have available interns

You save at least £2000 on web design services

e-shop Price
Woocommerce setup£0
Creating up to 16 products£0
Cart and checkout, payment gateways of your choice£0
Responsive design£0
Quality quaranteed by senior developers£0
Powerful e-commerce hosting for 1 yearIncluded
Security certificatesIncluded
SSL certificateIncluded
24/7 protection against hacker attacksIncluded


WAcademy is a modern school for professional web designers. We help them to build their portfolio and improve by working with real projects and real problems. Our sponsors also made this possible by providing the latest tools and next-generation test environment to work with.

We will ask you to give us this info:

  • Website structure (pages, menu etc.).
  • Website copy
  • Any media you want us to use (logos, pictures, videos)
  • Features (Google maps, contact forms, etc.)
That’s completely fine. We can help you and select media from various sources.

Every website or e-shop needs a domain name and web hosting service. We use a premium web hosting provider Getspace. They have probably the best servers in Europe which guarantee you fast loading times and high-security standards.

Yes, you can use your own domain, or purchase the domain from any supplier.

We guarantee that you will get the first draft created in 20-30 business days. This also depends on how fast you can to send us all the required information.

That’s not common as we try our best to understand your vision from the very beginning. Also, we do one round of fixes after you evaluate the first draft.

Email Support: