Shopify vs WAcademy

It‘s probably needless to say, that choosing the right eCommerce platform that fits your business needs is crucial for your success. When there are many different platforms out there, Shopify and WooCommerce are the two top eCommerce platforms in the world, each with their own pros and cons. You can find endless pages comparing the two, BUT what if we offered something different? Something better?

  • Shopify is known to be less complicated for building your online store while WooCommerce requires some skills. But what do you get from ‘easy‘ as an end result? A template. The question here is – do you want your online store to look the same as every other online store on the internet? Or do you want to be different and stand out?
  • If you want a more original and unique looking online store, we suggest WooCommerce. Don‘t have hours to spare learning the skills required? We‘ve got you. We will take the building off your hands. So if you don‘t have to build everything yourself, why not get the unique, one of a kind, tailored to your needs (and style) online store rather than a template one?
  • Another fact to take into consideration – Shopify charges extra 2% fees on each transaction made through third party payment gateways. This is on top of the transaction fees charged by the payment gateway. Of course, you can always reduce the fee to 0.5% by paying $299 per month for Advanced Shopify plan. But that‘s pretty steep, especially for a new business.
  • WAcademy online store prices – £29 per month or £299 annually. And no added transaction fees. Now doesn‘t that save you a huge amount of money?

We will ditch the modesty here – we offer a solution you probably didn‘t know you needed. We make it easy for you, while keeping your originality. We take the trouble of building your online store off your hands, so you could concentrate on the important thing – growing your business.

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